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Improvement chart

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook), I can’t find any of my drawings from back then, and I’ve been searching long and hard because I want to redraw something from back then and see just how much I’ve grown. But, until I find something, we’re stuck with random ramblings like this every week. –a few weeks ago


Guess what I found!


Noob Squad (2007)2007: Let the comics begin!

Ah, middle school. That time when I sucked at drawing and I drew my very first comic. It was based on a conversation I had on the bus ride home from school that day, and, after many hours of deliberation, it became known as Noob Squad.

Little did I know at the time, but that little turd would turn into my life throughout all of high school.


2010: The HD-portal

To summarize what happened in this three-year timeskip (which is not at all similar to when an anime hits a wall in plot development), I made six pages of Noob Squad in eighth grade, and then over 50 (maybe 60, I’m not sure) in ninth grade.

Then, during the summer before 10th grade, I went over a month without making a single Noob Squad comic. My response was to make a “movie-comic” (better known as a “long-form story comic” or “a comic with an actual plot”™) to compensate. I called it (quite originally, I might add) Noob Squad Returns.

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t anything like a normal high schooler/Minecraft Youtuber would do. Not even remotely.

Anyway, to get back to the story, I decided to push myself to the limits of what I was capable of at the time: cheap knockoff weaboo animu trash.

I called it HD. And it was (when compared to what I did all of ninth grade).

Noob Squad (2010)

Noob Squad Returns ended up being 26 pages long (which, in normal pages, might be about four or five times that many) and is rife with plot-holes and plot points that never went anywhere because I thought I could parody all of the Zelda universe at once (I was wrong). Ultimately, the plot stuck primarily to Ocarina of Time’s save for a few unresolved references to shovels.

Oh yeah, and Sanic made an appearance, too. Actually, the chaos emeralds were one of the main plot devices (alongside a Pokemon cartridge and a moving truck). And the Water Temple…

You know, it’s too bad that comic is in pretty bad shape (physically and quality-wise) or else I’d put it up for you to galk at.

After I finished the comic with a little over a month of tenth grade left to enjoy, my friend wanted me to take a list of ideas we had come up with for the comic that I wasn’t able to include (mainly because we thought of them after the fact) and make short comic strips for each of them.

Looking back, I’m actually proud of those ones. Unfortunately, they aren’t in the best of shape (I was an idiot with an accordion folder overflowing with crudely stuffed notebook paper), so I’m not going to risk damaging them taking the staples out.


2011: White Paper

Then came 11th grade, and I switched from notebook to white paper for my comics (gasp!). I also actually made a few pages in color (I won’t post them for the same reasons as the stuff from 2010), and they’re still some of my favorite comics that I ever made.

Noob Squad (2011)

And then I made a Twilight Princess parody comic in two or three months called The Legend of the Noob Squad (how original!) This time, I got some cool artist pens to shade with, and although you can tell they were running on empty the last ten pages of the comic, I’m still proud of how it came out.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll actually take the time to upload this one online somewhere (keep in mind, though, that I was still in high school (in other words, it sucks)).


2012: Transitions

Then came senior year. I started another long-form Noob Squad story, but, unfortunately, due to personal reasons, it was never finished. You can actually see the first fifteen pages of it on the MSPToons Youtube channel (if you dare).


2013: I got better at drawing

Now in college, I decided to revisit my origins in comics and see just how much I had learned in my first year in adult land. Noob Squad, unfortunately, would not return (and most likely never will), but I had to see how my skills compared to then.

Noob Squad (2013)

I’m pretty sure my sweet skills won’t go unnoticed.


2015: The Moment of Truth

All joking about nonexistent “sweet skills” aside, with this past week came a moment of truth: I have one year left in college, so it’s time to see if all that money was worth it so I can be ridiculed and undervalued by everyone around me for “drawing.”

Let’s take a look together, shall we? (Goodness, I’m nervous)

Improvement chart

Crisis averted. I have improved.

…now where are those Sanic drawings from elementary school?

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