Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

Rock Painting

Example: we were told to paint a rock in my painting class, and I thought of breakfast.

The last few weeks I’ve been posting a lot of comics that document things that’ve actually happened, and it got me thinking: inspiration really can come from anywhere (even your bowel movements).

…Especially your bowel movements.


Real Life

Just taking a look at my own life, I never have any “normal” experiences: everything’s always weird in some way or another. That or it’s just too stupid to make up. When I went to WinterJam this past January, I got one of those admittance stamps on my hand; it was a basic thumbs up symbol. Pretty normal, right? Mine was thumbs down. I felt really special and didn’t at all cry about it in the shower later.

That’s how Rather FluffyWaffles¬†got started; it’s a way for me to share the weirdness that happens to me with the two people who somehow stumble upon it.

For instance, just two days ago I dropped a can of [redacted] chips and engaged in a battle with my dog and then my two cats for ownership of the cheddary goodness all over the floor.

I won.

Click to read Rather FluffyWaffles


Other Stuff

Wait, what’s this? Text after the comic page? I must be mad! (or I’ve got more incessant ramblings on this subject)

Speaking of inspiration, there’s always more than your own life (if you can somehow believe this crazy assumption). Personally, I find inspiration in almost everything I see online; it’s almost like I’m halfway normal or something!

Anyway, I decided to look at my inspiration bookmark folder, and, apparently, I’ve amassed over 2300 different files in the last year and a half. I’ve looked back through the list twice, and there’re at least five new ones every week (and that’s on a dry week).

The moral of the story is: bookmarks will rid you of your life faster than MMOs ever could.

Speaking of which, I started playing Runescape again recently. Please send help.

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