Where I’ve Been For the Past Few Years

My name is Joseph, and it’s been three years since my confes-blog post. Originally, the posts here were made for a class in college, but I’ve since graduated and have seamlessly moved on to what some call the “real world.” Despite my overwhelming lack of social graces, I have fully integrated into a thriving community of other humans. As a person, I have matured considerably.

[Insert other inspiring one-liners]

…At least, that’s what I’d like you to believe.

Now, I really did graduate from college back in 2016, but the transition was anything but seamless. The biggest reason was that I burned out in my Portfolio capstone. Hard.

If I could offer any advice to anyone in college (especially art students), your portfolio’s not worth burning out on. Trust me.

But that’s a story for another time.

After graduating, I kind of floated about, enjoying my first real break in two years. The Switch came out, and I logged over 200 hours in Breath of the Wild within two months (on top of other games). While it was a great time, it felt hollow. I wasn’t creating.

There was no drive, no energy. I tried to force sketches every now and then, but they never amounted to much and most were left unfinished. I never actually finished a sketch until about 11 months after graduating. Yeah, yeah, I know. Art guy who has no back up plan doesn’t draw anything for a year.

Thankfully, though, I got a remote job in customer service in that time. Within six months, I was a Supervisor, and, within nine months, I was a Manager. And I’ve loved it from day one.

I also started doing the graphics for my church┬áduring the lull, so, while I wasn’t actually creating much, I was still doing something. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to serve a purpose, which is nice.

So, that’s pretty much where I’ve been for the past few years. I’m slowly getting over the burnout, but I’m in no hurry. After all, last time I tried that I was in Portfolio.

I don’t want to make that mistake again.

Also, just for you, here’s a new SpeedArt to celebrate me not actually being dead all this time:

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