Super Serious Presentation Time

A Totally Legit Presentation

Presentations. Love ’em, hate ’em, we’ve all had to do ’em.

And, of course, with social skills of a caliber such as mine, they’re bound to be good.


Yes, of course they are! Absolutely no awkwardness has ever been seen in any presentation I’ve ever presented. Be it my Shakespeare Abridged presentation, my completely fanboy-ridden Nintendo history PowerPoint, my collectathon game pitch, the time I tried to get my class to watch TOME, or even my portfolio open house. Yep, totally legit.

Clammy hands, stammering words, and sweating profusely are all signs of excitement, not nervousness. And all those times I completely blanked out and just stood awkwardly for ten or more seconds just meant that I was over-prepared for the day.

It had nothing to do with crippling stage fright or a noticeable lack of effective verbal communication skills.

I’ll prove it: one of the times we played the Name Game in college. You know, where you go around the room, introduce yourself and give a random fact about you? Fun times, right?

Ha, sure.

It wasn’t too bad at first; just sitting there learning about the others sitting around. Good stuff. A few cooks, a skydiver, someone met a famous person. That’s pretty neat.

And then my turn rolled around.

…and around.Nailed It

Oh wait hang on. I forgot. “Hi!” I said. After a moment of intense reflection among my peers, “I’m Joseph, and I’m, um…oh yeah, I’m a New Media Arts Major, and, erhm…”

More quiet devotional time.

“…I draw cartoons.”

The baton was passed, and the game continued. Satisfied with my expertly crafted introduction, I sat back and reveled in my latest social victory.

And, since we’re ending on a triumphant note, here’s the greatest presentation I’ve ever created (yes, this is a real presentation I actually used):

I R Piwerpent 1 I R Piwerpent 2

I R Piwerpent 3 I R Piwerpent 4

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