Cel Shaded Illustration

Cel Shaded Illustration

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This week, I discovered that I’ve been spelling “cell shaded” wrong my entire life. It’s actually supposed to be cel shaded. As much as I pride myself on grammatical nuances that few people know about, I will admit that I only cried for twenty minutes.

Then, after a long week of not doing much of anything, I drew stuff. Shocking for a cartoonist, huh? This week’s illustration, given the title of this post, was cel shaded. You can behold it’s purdiness (I’m from Georgia) to the right.


The heck is Cel Shading?

To be cel shaded is to appear both flat and three dimensional simultaneously. Oh wait, hang on. *turns off philosophical gibberish* Ah, that’s better. Now then, let’s define cel shading. At its simplest, it’s an artistic rendering style that creates shading with flat areas of color. If you want shading, a solid block of darker color goes over the base color. Cel shading invokes the ever-quoted “less is more.”

Ever played Wind Waker? That’s cel shaded.

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Barf and Art

This week I passed out on the toilet and barfed all over the bathroom. Don’t worry; I wasn’t drunk. Oh yeah, and I managed to finish some page layouts for my new webcomic Tinge. Let’s jump right into that first part: the barf part. Maybe you’ll learn a valuable lesson (or at least get a good laugh out of my stupidity).


Wednesday: The Barf Part

So, like I said earlier, I kind of passed out on the toilet Wednesday night. Continue reading

Diptych Persona

Not a selfie

Definitely not a bathroom selfie.

If you don’t want people thinking you’re weird because you think you’re bipolar or have multiple personalities or personas, try calling it a diptych persona. Not only will no one have a clue as to what you’re talking about, but the weird looks will bring a smile to your face when you realize how smart you sound.

If you don’t like getting looked at weird, then you wouldn’t make it as me. First off, I have muttonchops. Seriously. In 2015. And then I walk around looking like this doofus to the right. And when I draw, I make really strange and unsettling faces. So I’m used to weird looks. Continue reading